Wood is a natural product. jaso parquet floors are made of top-quality woods, most of them coming from domestic forests. This is why mainly PEFC-certified woods are used and domestic forestry is supported. The purchase of the tree trunks in the forest is subject to strict quality controls. As wood is a permanently renewable raw material, the ecological balance is maintained and the use of this timelessly beautiful material gives double pleasure. In private homes or in the object sector – parquet flooring provides an individual, natural and high-quality style to every room and actively contributes to the protection of the environment. It goes without saying that jaso is PEFC-certified.



For the production of jaso parquet floors, only well-seasoned and gently dried woods from sustainably harvested forests are used. They are free of chemicals  and  additives.


In the production flow and in the process cycle, jaso attaches great importance to an ecologically balanced production and the recovery of energy. Utmost care is applied in selecting and processing the wood. This gives you the guarantee that your parquet floor is inoffensive to your health and that the natural environment is preserved! A great plus for ecological equilibrium!