In everyday life, flooring material is exposed to many hazards. For the selection of the suitable parquet type, the future wear and tear conditions should be kept in mind. To prevent problems arising from impact and pressure loads, the parquet floor should meet high quality requirements. Do not buy cheap products! Consult your local floor-laying expert who will provide competent advice for your individual building object. If you have a parquet floor, you do not have to do without an underfloor heating! As parquet and floor screed have a similar swelling and shrinking behavior when exposed to heat, there are no strong tensions in an appropriate room climate, as opposed to other flooring types. Parquet flooring has good thermal resistance values, which makes sure that the heat can spread evenly throughout the room.


The great advantage of parquet flooring is that it can be renovated several times. The surface of the parquet floor is evenly polished and resealed by a specialist. Your parquet floor will look like new again! Seek expert advice already when you are planning the parquet floor, as expert knowledge will ensure the long life and beauty of your parquet floor.